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With more than 50 years of combined experiênce

IceRock, is a Global Sports Consulting enterprise, that develops every type of project within the professional football industry, working with the World’s Top Organizations, Brands and Sports Entities.

We benefit from a team of experts in the world of services for the football industry, creating relationships and always thinking outside of the box.

The Numbers


Friendly Matches

Successful friendly and presentation matches between national territory and abroad


Training Camps

Training camps and Tournaments in Portugal and abroad. Sometimes with the same team


Sponsoring contracts

Sponsoring signed contracts


Actual clients

Actual clients across within Europe and Asia



Contract renovation rate



years of football industry experience across multiple projects. 5 years of Icerock

Our Services


  • Legal, organic and financial research;
  • Assessment of football clubs and sports entities
  • Portuguese professional football clubs survey;
  • Analysis of the organizational and legal model of the football clubs;
  • Financial analysis of the last 3 economic years of the football clubs;
  • Intermediation and support in the acquisition of the football clubs;
  • Implementation of the new shareholders and organizational structure.


  • Development of tailor-made solutions for clubs and stakeholders;
  • Exploration and commercialization of digital spaces in sports events – LED lines and digital mosaics;
  • Development of technological solutions for new opportunities;
  • Analysis and development of projects for reorganization and acquisition of clubs;
  • Analysis of Federative Organizations and Football Leagues – preparation of sports regulations (Competition Regulations, Disciplinary Regulations, etc.);
  • Development of Competitive Models;​
  • Project and strategy development for companies who are giving the first steps in the football industry;
  • Technological development of tools for structuring and organizing competitions.
  • All kinds of services related with the football industry accordingly to clients budget, expectations and vision.

Tournaments, Friendly Matches & Training Camps

  • Organization of national and international football tournaments in Portugal or abroad;
  • Organization of friendly matches during pre-season or during the season in Portugal or abroad;​
  • Organization of training camps in Portugal or abroad;
  • Logistical services;
  • 24/7 Assistance on the spot;

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